Loving Photography

Media Formats / Influences

The various  film media and formats represented in my website span 50 years from analog to digital both black and white and color including negative film as well as transparencies from 35mm sizing to 8 x 10 view cameras, traditional wet darkroom production to exploring several alternative processes in use throughout photographic history.


My visual influences are just as wide-ranging as the media I relied upon and  experimented with. Representative of those influences are reflected in the following quotes and publications.

"If the beautiful was not in us, how do we ever recognize it?" - Ernst Haas

Light is therefore color.” -J. M. W. Turner

“One must have one master--- the light of nature.”  -Pissarro

“You come to nature with your theories and she knocks them all flat.” -Renoir

“The camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.” - Henri Carter Bresson 1976

“For me a landscape hardly exists at all as a landscape, because its appearance is constantly changing;

but it lives by virtue of its surroundings, the air and the light and color which vary continually.” -

Claude Monet


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