I should begin with mention of my passion for photography for a half-century. Technically I am educated through The New England School of Photography (Analog) and completing the photographic major at Montana State University (Digital) as well as the advantage of working with many noted photographers and artists over the last 50 years. I never developed a specialty in one particular genre, but rather clicked away in all of the photographic categories with the singular appetite of image making. Hence the Horror vicui (Fear of blank space) of my website


The essential elements of my photographic work are a rich defining sense of light as it works with the context and composition of the image, always seeking harmony and consonance within the composition, an agreement among content, light, color and depth of field. Often context is not the central issue, but rather the light which is gracing the image presenting itself with an infinite variety of characteristics and attributes.


* Please note

Landscapes/Challenged landscape were juxtaposed in my Senior Thesis at Montana State University.

Challenged Landscapes The negative impact of man upon the landscapes views we also much enjoy and hold so valued. Despite the fact the impact is either agricultural, energy producing or recreation.

Alternate Processes Various photographic printmaking processes within & outside the traditional wet darkroom explored and developed over the last 120 years of photography.


Shadows and Reflections The magic of light and reflective surfaces in ordinary circumstances.

Glimpses of Paris a Half-Century of people, places, and things in the Historic City of Light. Represented in six 4x8 foot panels encompassing 138 images.

The Ghost of Paris Video over nine months in the darkroom and laboratory photographed between 1972 and 1974  within the famed Historic Paris flea market Clignancourt processed in the arcane 1898 French Mordancage process's.

People Family and Friends of my photographic life, capturing representative personal character and quality of light & color.


Small Wonders ordinary things holding unique circumstances of light, color and composition of visual moments kept.

Flora Wildflowers and other plant life riotous and graced with color and light tended in my Montana home gardens.

       Flora Roman Goddess of Garden and Flowers and Gardens (Greek Goddess Chloris)

Sky Scapes   If you lived in Big Sky Montana you'd understand that the sky scapes are spectacular. The sky’s light is an unprecedented mixtures of color ignited by the rising and setting sun daily not to mention what the smoke from forest fires brings to the atmosphere or the radical storm cells that dramatically frequent the mountains and valleys.

Glorious Food produced in my Gardens and kitchen basking in the Montana big sky light, generously prepared and touched four times, consumed with much enjoyment.